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The importance of great design at exhibition stands

The importance of great design at exhibition stands

Looking to wow the crowds at your next exhibition? You may want to read this first...On average it takes an attendee three seconds to walk past your stand. That gives you a three-second window to catch their attention, showcase your brand and encourage them to stop by. In any situation, this is a big ask, but it’s even bigger at exhibitions when visitors are bombarded with the vast array of brands, products and services on offer.The best chance of grabbing attention at an exhibition is through your stand. Ensuring you have stand-out design will draw people in and allow you to differentiate yourself from the sea of other exhibitors.


Exhibitions are a great way to get your name out there and attract potential customers, and research has found that 53% of attendees (source: CEIR 'Use and Value of Face-to-Face' report) purchase one or more products or services as a result of what they see at an exhibition. You’ll be hard pushed to attract these customers without an attractive stand.

Perhaps THE most important thing when designing for exhibitions is to be completely clear with your message. If visitors are walking past and can’t instantly see what you do or what you offer, they are likely to sail on by.So what should you be thinking about?

Theme: A themed stand is great way to inject some fun and make your stand memorable and also helps encourage people to come and check you out. Try adding props or games to engage people, once you’ve got their attention you can then start to hold them in conversation. There are so many great themes to choose from but be wary you don’t go OTT.

Interactive Presentations- Using iPads to provide Apps and interactive presentations on your exhibition stand is a brilliant way to showcase your skills and creativity. This allows you to show off your portfolio of products and services whilst engaging your audience, and helps to attract people to your stand.

Fabric- often overlooked at exhibition stands, fabric can be used to create beautiful effects and bring a splash of colour. Whether you use fabric to drape, wrap around or as partitions for your stand, it can make a really great addition.

Lighting- good lighting frames your whole design and research even suggests that it can increase awareness of your stand by 30-50%. Many stands come with their own lighting but this may not be enough to make you shine, try angled light boxes or coloured lights but be aware of sensory overload.

Graphics- Using screens with graphics, videos and engaging content is great for catching people’s attention. If you’re feeling really adventurous you could try projection mapping graphics onto the fabric of your stand to really intrigue people.

Sound- experiment with sounds and music to give visitors something different. Make sure this is representative of your brand and demographics though. If done correctly it can be hugely effective.

With an average of 65% of literature being discarded after an exhibition, face-to-face interaction is key. It’s up to you to make a lasting impression on potential customers, so use your stand as your shop window and make sure it entices people.

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