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Why is your trade show display design so important

Why is your trade show display design so important

Did you know that exhibiting at trade shows and expos happen to be one of the more lucrative B2B marketing strategies? Trade shows are an ideal venue for showcasing your company’s latest offerings and networking with clients. You may even find a potential industry partner! That’s why trade show display design that’s capable of commanding the attention of your target audience and prospective leads is vital. The other important functions of the design are to boost brand awareness, visibility and embody your company’s personality along with the mission.


Hence if you’re planning to attend a trade show, the display design you choose matters. Here’s why the look and feel of your exhibit are so important.

The Design Defines Your Brand
A trade show visitor creates an opinion of your brand just by looking at the professionalism of your company’s exhibit. The design you put forth must paint a picture in their minds of who and what your company is. Along with this, they should get an idea of your featured products and services. Ideally, your display needs to command an understanding of the values and goals of your business. Take this all into consideration and create a plan on how you want visitors to feel when they see your company’s booth.

Evoking Emotions Through Design
Most of the businesses are aware that people’s senses can also be a factor that influence buyers to make a purchase. Such an effect is called neuromarkeking and you can use its principles at your display too. This will allow you to open new opportunities in attracting more foot traffic, negotiation and building relationships with potential partners.


Don’t forget about proper lighting, it plays a vital role in exhibiting. It can set the mood, help with visibility and place added focus on important areas of your exhibit. In order to make your display standout you can add LED lighting. It has the ability to change colors making booth more interesting and appealing to its viewers.


Color is one of the strongest design tools. While working on the trade show display design you will need to include corporate colors into the elements of your booth. It will facilitate brand recognition. When choosing the color scheme you need to remember that its use must be appropriate. For example, green color works well for businesses in healthcare and fitness industries. Yellow, red and orange colors excite appetite and call a person for actions. Brown color has a beneficial effect on business people. It causes a sense of stability. Pink and orange will suit for businesses related to the family (clothes for children, goods for pregnant, etc.). The tones of blue color have a calming effect and instill trust among the viewers. Hence why they are often used by companies in the financial sector.


Smells have a direct impact on visitors’ mood, they cause different associations, evoke good memories. Your company should take advantage of this. There are many scents that are successfully used for drawing people in. For example aromas of vanilla, lavender, citrus, cappuccino or even homemade cookies invoke a positive thought and peak interest. Find a scent that relates well to your business and you will be on the way to having a more successful show.


When creating your graphics and signage take into consideration the importance of the font type and size. You want the font type to be easily readable and the size to be big enough so that people don’t have to strain their eyes to read your message. Also, limit the amount of text used and provide adequate spacing. Remember sometimes less is more especially when it comes to trade show display design.

Design is Informational
Trade show booth design not only has to be visually pleasing but also it needs to convey a message your company wants to transmit. A well-designed exhibit should give the answers to the following questions:

  • What does your company offer?
  • How much does the product/service cost?
  • What sets your business apart from the competition?
  • Which consumers are you targeting?

While working on the informational aspect for your booth you shouldn’t overload it with text and visual information. Show attendee spends mere seconds viewing your exhibit and long texts are not something that can get them interested. Besides, too much information will be overwhelming and it will cause your display to look messy.

Design Makes Your Display Unique
There are sometimes hundreds, if not thousands, of companies at any given trade show. With so many exhibitors to choose from standing out and being unique can seem like a daunting task. Creativity and your brand colors play a big role in the exclusivity of your display. Your booth should be informational yet attractive. Complement your booth with professionally designed signage and graphics that will spread your message across a show floor while uniquely identifying your company. In addition to graphics, you can implement video within the exhibit. Motion graphics or video can be more appealing to the passer-bys. A good design should also provide for interactivity. Allow the people to interact with your products and demo your services when possible.

Trust Us for Your Trade Show Display Design Needs
Creating a trade show display design from scratch requires a lot of skills. A designer must have a thorough understanding of show regulations, booth layout, building materials and the proper use of graphics. You also need to take into account the impact of colors and fonts on the visitor’s perception and brand recognition.

At Exhibe, we provide an experienced team of exhibit designers and project managers to make any job go smoothly. Call or email us today to discuss the products and services we have to offer. From smaller portable trade show booth displays to large custom exhibits, we have everything to make your exhibiting a breeze.

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